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Atos BJJ NM Principles




Always be respectful and courteous

Bow upon entering and exiting the mats

Greet teammates and Coach upon entering the mat

Welcome visitors and guests as you would like to be welcomed

Arrive to class on time.  If you arrive late, wait for Coach to invite you onto the mats



Ask permission before leaving the mats during class

Only use as much force as necessary

Arrive to class with a clean, dry gi embroidered with the Atos logo

Always wear a rash guard for no-gi classes.  T-shirts are not permitted


Take your shoes off before stepping on the mat

Always bow and/or touch hands with your sparring partner before and after the roll


Refrain from side conversations while the instructor is talking

Always give your full attention to coaches when in class

Keep a respectful posture in the training room

Be proud of your progress.  Wear your belt.


Give thanks to God for being healthy

Always believe in yourself


Have Fun

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